Behind the scenes: Forever

As I’ve said in my previous post ‘Hello World!‘ that each of my poem carries a story with it. A string of my life is attached to it! That’s why all my poems are very close to my heart.

Followed with this post will be my very first poem that I had written titled as ‘FOREVER‘. A poem sharing a bond of long distance relationship.

Love is beyond borders and boundaries. I can happen to anyone, with anyone, anywhere and anytime. True love sustains all odds and triumphs all difficulties.

But, It’s not always easy for a long distance relation to survive. Very few relations live the dignity that a true love deserves. Patience and trust are the only keys that can hold the string of your ‘long distance’ relation.

So, don’t be afraid of getting into a long distance relation. Believe in yourself and have faith in your partner. Give him/ her that confidence that you’ll love him/ her forever and ever! Always remember that love is permanent, rest all emotions are temporary!

Stay positive, Stay motivated…

Author: Rohit Pandey

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