Behind the scenes: ‘Friendship – The color of life’

No complaint and no demand; they said that this is called friendship on this land!

Friendship has a unique color, a unique blend of life and love. Friendship is unconditional and demands nothing from you. It sets you free. That’s why we love spending time with our friends as we feel free to express ourselves. It is said that if you can count 3 (three) true friends on your fingers then you are most lucky person on earth!

If you don’t talk to your friends for a while still they won’t complain! If you cancel an outing or program due to some emergency, they will understand! If you fight with them; they will be first to say sorry and fetch you back to good old days! If you call them at 3 in the night, they will answer your call! If you get stuck in some problem then they will come and rescue you! Friends or I should be saying; ‘True Friends’ are very rare to have and they stand by you in every situation and give you an unconditional support all your life.

There was a phase when my heart was broken and had no one to share my feelings. But, when I approached my friend, whom I neglected when I was in love, was quickly there for me to help rearranging pieces of my broken heart; without complaining that where was I from so long. Such is the beauty of friendship !

My poem titled as ‘Friendship – the color of life‘ which I shared with you guys, is a tribute to a true friend. People come and go in your life but a true friend always stays beside!

So guys, never lose a good friend and always be a true friend!

Hope you have enjoyed reading my poetry and behind the scenes column. I’ll soon be there with a new poem and a new hope. Till then…….

Stay positive, stay motivated!

Author: Rohit Pandey

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