Behind the scenes: ‘Life Goes On: The Journey Continues’

Poem that I shared with you in my previous post was backed by a motivational force of few beautiful souls, who showered their comments and likes for my poem ‘Life Goes On’ and it inspired me to write a poem in continuance to Life Goes On….. 

Bhavya, Nupur, Ameena k.g, Franz, Humanity777Exiledprospero, Lovepassionsoul, Mitch, Charly, WK Tucker, Robert Okaji, Justagirllost, Unbolt, Beejai, Shikha Khare, Frank Solanki, Ananya Aishwarya, M.Funk, Breathwords…….

This one’s for you guys! Thanks for being my inspiration. Thank you so much 🙂

Each poem has a story to tell. With this ‘Behind the scenes column‘ I help my readers to peep into my mind and understand my poetry in the right sense. When we read a poem, we normally go by its meaning and overlook the feelings in which a poem is wrapped in.

Well, that’s not the fault of readers. If a poem would have been so easy to understand then they would have written it themselves. Here, comes the role of poet to make his emotions reach his audience.

I always try to write with simplicity but sometimes the overflow of emotions takes me to a third level. A level, where you need to ride on your feelings to walk with the motion of words. Few poets who read my poems understand what I’m trying to convey but others simply go by its meaning. This particular thought made me write ‘behind the scenes’ column for each of my poem, so that the message I want to convey is not lost in translation!!

So, now coming to my poem titled as ‘Life Goes On – The Journey Continues’; conveys a message that life goes on despite of difficult times we face. If we don’t stand up to those difficulties then we find ourselves lagging behind in the life’s race.

Time never stops for anyone. So, rather than blaming god for your miseries and crying on your fate, we must fight the situation and try to devise a solution to come out of that difficult phase.

Few people try to escape their miseries through death. They take this extreme step and end their life. Death is not a solution to any problem. If you ever feel like doing so, then just think about your family and friends, whom you’ll leave in grief and sorrow for whole of their life.

We need to stay positive all through and believe in ourselves. If good times doesn’t last forever, then bad times too. Every night is followed by the day, wait for your turn and you’ll get a chance to make the hay

You can’t escape what is written in your fate and if you think that you can escape it by death then you are wrong. If there is death after life then life after death too. If not now, then you’ll surely face it someday. Then why end your life? Lets end our problems and live with the pride.

I hope that I’m able to convey the message I intended to. Do give it a thought!! And yeah, always…….

Stay positive, Stay motivated

Author: Rohit Pandey

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