-: Does love dies :-

Love never dies,

And it remains you in portion;

Emotions shared between the two lives,

Never loose their motion;

Maybe we are living on the edge of knife,

But my heart is still pledged to life;

I’m still in a hope that lightning will strike,

But why I keep asking myself….

That does love live or does love dies?

Author: Rohit Pandey

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3 thoughts on “-: Does love dies :-

  1. Love is a small word, yet it is so meaningful . the emotion that one feels, can be confusing. Love is beautiful, love is kind, love is forever
    Bella declou

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  2. Hey, thanks Nupur for taking your time out for reading my posts ! And yes, you are right! It should be ‘Does Love Die’ but seeing with a poetic angle, ‘Does Love Dies’ seems more appropriate. 🙂

    Thanks again. God Bless…

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  3. Hey, I think it should be ‘Does love die?’ grammatically. I googled it. And if it is because of the poetic licence, you may just ignore this.

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