-: A Girl with a Golden Heart :-

A Boy saw a girl sitting beside river,

Looking at the brook, carrying a hope to deliver;

Wanted to pour her words in that stream of water,

But was scared from ocean, for her words getting bartered;

Somehow held her heart and went next to the flower,

Felt it with her fingers and embraced the love shower;

Went close to it for sharing her emotions,

But stopped when saw a bee scattering the pollens;

Looked at sky in search of a companion,

While clouds shined with lightning in union;

But as soon as rain followed the lightning,

The moment seemed bleak and words went back frightening;

As she moved ahead with despair in sight,

That boy stopped her to share his insight;

His eyes were lit with love and ecstasy,

That sheen in his eyes made girl’s heart dissolve in purity;

As their eyes harmonized along the stride,

She hugged him and held really tight;

Cried and cried with her words flowing down in tears,

And boy whispered, Hey, don’t worry I am here;

Your words are safe with me in my heart,

And I shall treasure them even in my darkest hour;

You are not alone in this world of broken parts,

Always remember that you are a girl with a golden heart!

Author: Rohit Pandey

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