-: Smiling Angel :-

My life, my journey, never seemed so promising,

Until you stepped in my life, smiling;

When you are there, I feel each moment to be my own,

And every moment I live, get carved upon my soul;


I don’t feel excluded, when you are not there for me,

I don’t feel secluded, when your memories hover around me;

Coz I feel your presence every second, round the corner,

Making my journey eternal and beautiful as ever;


When your voice echoes in my mind,

Followed by that sweet giggle and lovely smile;

Pilfers away, all my grief and sigh,

And I wish I could take a piece of it, with me, when I’ll die;


If I’m left with only one wish, which can come true,

I would ask for a friend, not like you, but only in form of you;

There might be times, when I can’t hear your words, unspoken,

So, let them flow through the air and reach me in motion;


I can’t promise to be with you always,

But I promise, those good times spend with me will bring smile on your face;

And I’ll not keep your memories tucked in a closet,

I’ll set them free, to let the world know that these are the one for me, the closest;


People say that angels are fiction,

But, I know an angel in person, and her smile is an addiction;

You have given so much to me to rejoice and remember,

That my whole life isn’t enough, to return this favor;


There’s no relation anywhere near, to the beauty of friendship,

And I’ll pray for it, to always remain young and never blemish!


Author: Rohit Pandey

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18 thoughts on “-: Smiling Angel :-

    1. Hello Elle, Glad that to came around and read my work. Thank you so much! And if you love poetry and write it too then you must blog it too! Pour your emotions in string of words and let world rejoice it! God bless….

      Liked by 1 person

          1. It’s not active anymore! When I started blogging, it was all I wrote. But I started a new blog and so now I just write, but not poetry. So no more poetry blog!


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