-: India: A Republic Nation :-

Three years of freedom in action,

Our country was lacking a direction,

Into the process was our constitution,

Babasaheb was leading that delegation,


Encapsulating diversity of this nation,

On 26 January, he gifted us with constitution,

Justice, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity,

Became words of wisdom and dignity,


Giving equal rights to each citizen,

He taught us our duties towards nation,

Didn’t wanted to bound people with rules,

Hence, he crafted principles to overrule,


His mission has always been a guiding force,

His vision has been an inspirational source,

He gave India the status of Republic, from a Union,

Today, we stand with pride to celebrate in reunion,


Celebrating 67 years of a Republic Nation,

Let’s push our thoughts into the incarnation,

And march towards a prosperous nation,

Keeping our hearts enlightened with the values,

Those were taught by the father of our constitution!

Author: Rohit Pandey

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