-: Scars Remain :-

I lived in those times that had fervor at its peak
I breathed in that air which had love written on its every streak
Even those days couldn’t love for me
That love which held for me, the life’s key
But her absence taught me the meaning of the spree
And those feelings became an enigma for me
I was searching for love in others, for myself
Until I found it, hanging on my shelf
Now I had learnt to give love not coz I had enough
Just because I know the feeling of not getting it from your beloved
Never make promises to anyone in disguise
Else, they’re gonna come back haunting and never let you rise
Nonetheless, I’m hunting for a answer to my question
That does love die or remains in you, in portion
Love is defined by trust and when that trust shuns
It closes the door for everybody else to come
But when that person returns to den
Same old feeling haunts him again
Maybe that relation doesn’t pertains and can never regain
But somewhere in his heart; that love is living in its name!

Author: Rohit Pandey
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