Hidden gems you may have missed #1

Today, as I write this post, I remember the time when I posted my first ever post on WordPress. Since, then the journey has been memorable and encouraging. I met many wonderful people here, received encouraging compliments and saw my creative skills touching new heights.

Today, I’ll take you through this journey and share my previous posts and pages.

So, get into the train with R’I’P, choose your favorite corner and  my words shall drive you through. Welcome aboard.

I hope you enjoy!

  • Forever: This post is about a long distance relation. The tale of two hearts divided by boundaries but conjoined by their hearts. Love is beyond borders and boundaries. It can happen to anyone, with anyone, anywhere and anytime. True love sustains all odds and triumphs all difficulties. Get more insight in my behind the scenes column. (Click here to read)
  • Words of Loneliness: Sometimes, loneliness teaches you what you can’t see otherwise. And by the time, you realize your mistakes, it’s too late! In love, you seldom get a second chance. But, I was lucky or I should say that girl had a bigger heart to again forgive me. Click here to get more insight.
  • Heart’s Worth: A sweet little poem describing the emotions of a lover. Maybe the words are few but they are meaningful. 🙂
  • True Lies: Love is the most beautiful feeling to live with and hardest to deal, when you are left alone with it. Life after loosing the love of your life is really tough to deal with and you are just left with the last gift of love; ‘Tears’. Click here to get more insight.
  • Smile for a while: The best gift from a poet are his words. They carry emotions; true emotions which are delivered straight from heart. This poem is very close to my heart as it describes the bond of brother and sister and love and care they share for each other! This was a gift from a brother to his sister. Click here to get more insights.

See you next Sunday with another round up post. Till then, Stay positive, Stay motivated.

Author: Rohit Pandey
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