Hidden gems you may have missed #2

Yippee, it’s Sunday again! Time to relax and time to regain.

In my previous post: ‘Hidden gems you may have missed #1’ I shared few of my previous posts/ poems and I’m here again, to share another lot.

So, hold my wings, fasten your seat belt and get ready to fly high with my words.

(Just click on title to read the poem)

Hope, you’ll enjoy:

  • Friendship the color of life: People come and go in your life but a true friend always stay beside! This poem is tribute to a true friend. Come and celebrate the color of friendship with me!
  • Life Goes On: ‘And when you thought it ended; It started all over again!’ Yes, that’s how I would describe life in a single line. Every beginning mark it’s presence with a new dawn and dusk is not the end as life goes on……Hope the magic of this poem stays on with you.
  • Life goes on-The Journey Continues: Life goes on, despite of difficult times we face. If we don’t stand up to those difficulties then we find ourselves lagging behind in the life’s race. I hope that I’m able to convey the message I intended to, through this poem. Happy reading.
  • I Wanna Write: A Prayer: This poem is not a bunch of words holding together in rhyme. It’s a prayer of a poet to that holy divine. It makes me cry, whenever I read it. You may sense the pain I carried while writing it! Hope you could connect through my words.
  • Residue: Doesn’t matter how hard you try but, can’t stay away from love for long. Doesn’t matter how much you are hurt from your previous relation, your eyes never get tired of searching for the dove! These are the emotions running behind this poem. Come and share your thoughts.

See you next Sunday with another round up post. Till then, Stay positive, Stay motivated.

Author: Rohit Pandey
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