Hidden gems you may have missed #3

Hello to my extended family! ♂♀ Hope you are enjoying your Sunday. ☼ Here I am with another ‘Hidden Gems’ post. ♥ If you have missed my previous two posts then here’s the link to it. ↓

‘Hidden gems you may have missed #1’

‘Hidden gems you may have missed #2’

In this post, I’ll be sharing some emotions; emotions that go in the making of a poem!

Each poem has a story to tell. When we read a poem, we normally go by its meaning and overlook the feelings in which a poem is wrapped in. To make my poem understand in right sense I started ‘Behind the scenes’ column to help my readers peep into my mind and understand poetry in the right sense.

Here are the few posts! (Just click on the title to read the post)

  1. Behind the scenes: Forever:- This post share emotions behind a long distance relation. Patience and trust are the only keys that can hold the string of your ‘long distance’ relation. Come share love, beyond distances!
  2. Behind the scenes: Words of loneliness:- Sometimes, loneliness teaches you what you can’t see otherwise. And by the time, you realize your mistakes, it’s too late! Many of you must have felt this emotion too. Come, share my loneliness!
  3. Behind the scenes: Love a realistic dream:- Time and Trust are the two pillars on which foundation of love is laid down. Absence of any one of them can make love, a realistic dream. Relive your dreams and don’t let love loose it’s sheen!

Hope you enjoy reading them. See you next Sunday with another round up post. Till then, Stay positive, Stay motivated!

Author: Rohit Pandey
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