-: Blogger Recognition Award #2 & #3 :-

Yippeee! This is my second nomination, no no, third one…..actually both 😛

I’m overwhelmed to receive this nomination from Unnati and Flyingcolours and would like to extend my gratitude for nominating me.

To know the rules, in case you haven’t heard of this award before, you may follow this link:

Blogger Recognition Award Rules

⇒ So going by the rules:

A brief story: Straight From Heart ♥

September 02, 2015 was the day I began my journey with this blog! It’s been quite a time now. I discovered many wonderful and talented writers here and got an overwhelming response for my writings too. I started my journey with handful of poems in my kitty. But as the journey progressed, I evolved as a poet. I learnt new poetic forms. I started this blog to share my emotions which I can’t share otherwise as I’m an introvert person 🙂

For me, writing poems is a means to calm down my senses. It gives me peace of mind. More than often I write for myself; I write for my emotions; I write with my emotions!

Here’s the piece of advice to fellow bloggers:

There are three golden rules of writing for me:

Read with intent, Write for yourself and Write from heart!

Yes, you read it right. Reading is an important part of writing. Reading infuses fresh ideas in you. Reading inspires you to write and reading keeps that poetic streak alive for me.

Also, what matters is that you write straight from your heart. If you want your writings to touch heart of readers, then never compromise with your emotions. Express as they are, without fabricating them and without thinking what others might think about your writings.

One has to have a broad perspective for their writings and for the feedback of readers, at the same time.

So go and express yourself, with your words.

And here are my nominees:

  1. Stvora
  2. Sanjay M Bhaskar
  3. Uptownjack
  4. Nightwhispers

Stay positive, Stay motivated

Author: Rohit Pandey
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