-: Hailing Death :-

Wished I had wings, wished I could fly
When people pushed me from height, knowing that I would die
That moment was tough, but my heart was stiff
When my aspirations were pushed, down from that cliff

As I crashed onto the ground, I was in profound pain
My eyes were half-open and chanting the god’s name
From gallows of darkness I extended my arm to light
To grab the hope that was slipping away from sight

Till now, I was seeing my life through eyes of love
Trusted every frame as shown by the dove
But It was a mirage, it was all unreal
I was shattered into pieces by the few very dear

When my shivering hands drew the face of life
Shadow of death could be seen, when it was kept in light
End seemed to tighten its grip on me
And I surrendered to death which hailed upon me

As it took my soul to a place called heaven
Very little was left in me to accept the elevation
I was told to keep calm and hold my agitation

But, I had lost belief and understood the situation
That you meet very few who understand you and listen
And doesn’t matter how hard you try, you’ll get what’s written!

Author: Rohit Pandey
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