-: Words of loneliness :-

Sitting in loneliness was thinking about past
When was the time when I smiled last

Voice rose from my heart to zenith height
To search, when there was life, in my life

Answer was a name, which brought me to light
Name; that built the relation really tight

Love; that was in her name couldn’t feel
Love; that was in her eyes couldn’t see

Never saw that thread which was holding the relation
Was too busy being constructive and overlooked the god’s creation

Abandoned myself, more than her
When I left her, when I lost her

Nostalgia became a curse for me
Made me cry, whenever I felt her in me

Prayed to god for her happiness
But her happiness was hidden in me, never got that

By the time I realized; it was too late
But still I had the belief that we’ll meet again, and it’s written in our fate

To contact her, I gathered all my courage
Opened my heart for her in that ‘fb’ message

My belief and instinct proved me right
She forgave me and it was one of the best days of my life

Forgiveness was followed by some questions and clarifications
Which got cleared and narrowed the gap between us

Now I know, how it feels to love someone with all your heart and soul
Your love and care changed my perception towards love as a whole

Now I had realized how much we love each other
And I’ll be always with you in happiness or disrupt

Shona, it’s a promise that I’ll never leave you
Coz I love you, coz I love you and will always do!

Author: Rohit Pandey
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17 thoughts on “-: Words of loneliness :-

    1. Well to my dissappoiment, it was just past,
      Promises were made but love didn’t last;
      Those times were lived riding an unicorn,
      But now that rose is dead leaving behind thorns;
      Pierced in my heart like a spear in dart,
      But now i have found new memories, tearing old ones apart!!

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