-: Love, a realistic dream :-

When I was shown light in loneliness;
I realized what life is and it doesn’t come easy always;

I know, I loved her more than my life;
Maybe, my love wasn’t too strong to hold our relation really tight;

Beckoned her with my silence;
But that silence couldn’t make her feel my heart’s presence;

Thought the silence spoke more than my words;
But those words were loved and to her, my silence seemed blurred;

The thread of relation was held by all the love I had;
When saw the other end, it was empty and void;

Was pushed to reality from world of dreams;
When tried to re-unite the two extremes;

Unconditional love was crowned with conditions;
When promises were broken and feelings were apportioned;

Maybe I expected more than what I deserved;
Failed to hold on to a relation which I wanted to preserve;

Despite of living in loneliness, I don’t feel alone;
Coz I have memories of that life which was never lived alone;

At last, this is what I wanted to say;
And here’s the message I wanted to convey;

That, people are often construed of living love as a fame game;
I say, don’t take it as a game……
Live up to its name; live up to its name!!

Author: Rohit Pandey
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21 thoughts on “-: Love, a realistic dream :-

    1. I don’t know if I should be happy or sad as you found this post worthy enough to be liked but it made you sad as well …. nevertheless, I’m happy that I could squeeze emotions out of you through this post. God bless…


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