Behind the scenes: ‘Words of loneliness’

Sometimes, loneliness teaches you what you can’t see otherwise. And by the time, you realize your mistakes, it’s too late!

There was a girl, who loved me very much but, I didn’t respected her feelings. And as it is said that one feels the importance of a person when he/ she departs from your life.

Same was the case with me. When she was not with me, I realized how much I loved her and what I did was wrong, by abandoning her.

In love, you seldom get a second chance. But, I was lucky or I should say that girl had a bigger heart to again forgive me. Even, after leaving her she accepted me with open arms.

At that moment I realized the difference between meaning of love, for a boy and a girl.

In love, both boy and a girl make compromises. Compromises are part of a relation. Difference is that a boy compromises in front of a girl and a girl compromises in front of the whole world.

The poem which I shared in one of my previous post titled as ‘Words of Loneliness‘ will give you a glimpse of what I had said above.

It’s a message from me to all those guys in love.

Respect the girl you love and respect that girl more; who loves you. Because love seldom gives you a second chance and then you are just left with remorse and regret. Never let that happen to yourself.

Stay positive, stay motivated!

Author: Rohit Pandey
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6 thoughts on “Behind the scenes: ‘Words of loneliness’

  1. Wise words, it’s easy to take for granted someone who loves you, and it’s only when you’ve lost them you realise what a mistake you’ve made. Great post!

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