Behind the scenes: ‘Love a realistic dream’

Time and Trust are the two pillars on which foundation of love is laid down. Absence of any one of them can collapse any relation. One must give quality time to a relation and trust his/ her partner, in order to make a relation last longer and happier.

Also, love should be unconditional. True love has no conditions attached to it. When a person feels bounded in love, it can’t be pronounced as a true love.

True love seems like a rare phenomenon in present times. It looks like a realistic dream. My previously shared poem titled as ‘Love a realistic dream‘ was an attempt to explain the worth of love is present times and rarity of true love in today’s fast changing world.

What happens when you love someone truly and you don’t get love in return? What happens when your love is crowned with conditions? What happens when you give your everything to save the relation but fail to do so? What happens when your true love doesn’t find a place in heart of your lover?

I had tried to answer these questions through a poem. So, tune in to find out the answers.

Click here to read poem

Stay positive, stay motivated!!

Author: Rohit Pandey
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