-: Smile for a while:-

Bright sunshine had made its way,
And the day has begun after a night’s stay;

And it’s the perfect way for the perfect day,
To wish my sis a very happy birthday;

Seeing your smile a wish comes from my heart, straight,
That may god give you plenty of reasons to celebrate;

May your days blossom in sunshine,
And darkness gets faded away in moonlight;

Unforgettable memories which I’ve shared with you,
Are in multitudes and priceless too;

On remembering those memories, I perceive another reason to rejoice,
But when I peep into future, my tears get no choice;

And emotions get running down my eyes,
Thinking of the day you’ll get married and will be gone with your Mr. Right;

Amidst all this, I’ll just say to my heart,
That those days were worth living twice;

Never let your lovely smile ride out from your face,
Coz trust me, you don’t look good when you cry, anyways;

Life doesn’t comes easy always and at times make you cry,
Don’t bother, just turn around and you’ll find your brother standing to wipe your tears dry;

Maybe people can’t value their own smile,
Just look in others eyes and you’ll find its value, while you smile!

Author: Rohit Pandey
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