Behind the scenes: ‘True Lies’

Love is the most beautiful feeling to live with and hardest to deal, when you are left alone with it.

When you loose someone, whom you loved truly, life becomes a baggage. It leaves a void behind you and future seems bleak. Every string of memory engraved in your heart pushes you in past, holds you back and that moment of life becomes the toughest part.

Those friends whom you overlooked for your love, now seem far from your reach. Your day becomes dull and night fills you with emptiness. You try your best to be happy but your past pulls you back into the darkness. Your eyes which used to lit in ecstasy seeing a message of your love flashing on mobile screen, are now a new home to your tears.

Life after loosing the love of your life is really tough to deal with and you are just left with the last gift of love; Tears!.

My previous poem titled as ‘True Lies‘ highlights these feelings.

After loosing your love, we often get into a series of thoughts. We think, if those promises made in love were true or the times we are facing now are true? Our heart accepts the truth as lie but our mind pulls us in the opposite direction.

We find ourselves standing on a crossroad with no idea which way to go.

Tough times; those really are!! At this moment, when you feel abandoned by everybody near and dear to you, just remember that there is your family and god, always standing beside you. Face the situation with a strong heart and belief. Always remember that there’s no force which can break your courage and there’s no obstacle that can stop you from moving ahead!

Stay positive, stay motivated!

Author: Rohit Pandey
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