-: Come, Taste Love :-

It’s sweet, bitter, tangy and tastes sour like lime,

Love has different flavors that I tasted with time;

And when taste of love dissolved in life,

Either life lost the direction or love lost the jive!

Sometimes, you share in one life, different love,

Sometimes you share with one love, different lives;

But mostly we forget to share our time,

And that’s when love becomes a melancholic rhyme!!

Sooner than later, we get indulged in love’s commotion,

Later than sooner, we realize the meaning of love emotion,

It’s a learning experience and we learn with time,

We walk, we run, we fall but we reach the finish line!!!

Author: Rohit Pandey

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16 thoughts on “-: Come, Taste Love :-

    1. Hi, thank you for nominating me for this award. It’s my second nomination now!
      I loved your answers and happy that I came across your lovely blog.
      Now to end your curiosity, I will certainly tell why I chose my name as R’I’P for the wordpress!
      It has many reasons behind it!
      Firstly, ‘R’ and ‘P’ are the initials of my name i.e. Rohit Pandey.
      Secondly, whatever I write, it sets me at peace. I feel relaxed and lighthearted after writing a poetry. So, I found R’I’P apt to describe this feeling.
      And thirdly, I want my words to rest in peace in the heart of readers! There can’t be a better place than that. Isn’t? 🙂

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