-: (P)lay Safe :-

Life poured in love or love diluted in life
This is how a relation is born, inhaling love and exhaling life

But as soon it wears the clothes of condition
It doesn’t take time for someone to make it, his ambition

Neither love should be taken as a game, nor game be treasured
Respect as they are or life would be a never ending desert

Never take forward stride before seeing other’s cards
Rest calmly in shape of your heart, lest collect its broken parts

People often try to break and bend the rules
Not to forget, true love is unconditional and stands above all the rules

Playoffs are harnessed by rules and not love
Understand it as quickly as you can or be ready to be bugged

Love is most beautiful feeling to live with
And hardest to deal when you are left alone with it

So, never ever break anyone’s heart
Remember, when it’s the payback time….
Life will come to you as hard!

Author: Rohit Pandey
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