-: True Lies :-

Every drop of tear in my eyes;
Comes out burning the agony that, deep within me lies;

Love has moved on, friendship has gone;
Then why these tears still clutch me, when everybody else has left me all alone;

Darkness took light from my life;
Left a null behind me and I couldn’t get anything right;

There were days when I was ‘living love’ and ‘loving life’;
Now I’m living in solitude and fighting with life;

Holding the hand of destiny went so far in a relation;
Without thinking that one day I would be covering these distances alone in desperation;

Tried to pull down happiness rising like smoke;
Was locked in by sadness and sorrows when tried to cut loose;

Swirled around the motion and felt the commotion;
Was asked to be a humming bird and fly back in relation;

People think that I’m being rude;
Coz I never let them feel my tears, which manage to elude;

They always believed in my smiling face;
Coz I knew, people don’t give a damn to tears in life’s race;

Putting life in a thought was easy;
Pulling thought out of life drive me dizzy;

Despite of difficulties in life, I have to keep on moving;
Treading along the right path, I have to keep on proving;

More than love, people value money and in irony;
They say that “money can’t buy love” but, they believe that “love can buy money”;

This is the truth for the one who understood it right:
And this is a lie for those who strive to run away from the truth of life..!

Author: Rohit Pandey
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