-: Love beyond death :-

She came to me and said with a smile,
Where have you been all this while,
But soon I noticed, her smile was flaky,
Her eyes were wet, her lips were shaky,

Lips were binding, an ocean high on tide,
She sailed over them with a painful stride,
Searching a lighthouse, she drowned in hope,
Held her nerves while her emotions elope,

All this while; had kept her emotions numb,
Least she knew, a moment they need, to pump,
Her heart-turned-stone, melted in a while,
She paused, she cried and then she smiled,

Her past was flashing before his eyes,
When death won over the love of her life,
Cancer, the demon, created that distance,
Took her away from the world of subsistence,

She waited for years for him to arrive,
To take a plunge; again into the life,
Cruel death that separated the two doves,
Now served as a reason to reunite their love!

Author: Rohit Pandey
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