Half Love : Poem

He was like a drop of dew
Who settled in winters to meet the few
Rested on a flower and passed the night
When morning broke, he waited for the dusk, to again live the pride!

Has risen with the start and fallen with the end,
But never the less, he was prepared for worst coming at his end…

Never negotiated with excuses; for life
After leasing his heart to the knife
Didn’t think twice before sacrificing for someone else’s happiness
Though he knew, his sacrifice might cost him his love and restlessness!

His love wasn’t ordinary and his feelings were sacred
His heart was half filled with love and now half capsized in hatred…

But when you have your heart being pledged to the life
You can always feel destiny being close to your smile
Love is not just defined by the two persons in a relation
Even half love sometimes outshines the true love relation!

Coz it doesn’t carry any self-interest or pride
It’s like a tree, giving shade and asking nothing, in spite
Half love is like a bird of this limitless sky and can’t be locked in a cage
If you’ll do so, either it will fly or die in this rage!

But don’t be afraid to hold this burning rose in your hands…..

And when it’s flame will mold you into ashes on this divine land
Your love will fetch her from the eternity and end all your blues
Will make you come alive from your ashes…..
And nature will smile at this rare view!

Poet: Rohit Pandey
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