-: Life Goes On :-

Hated by love and loved by hate;

This is how i describe my life and my fate;

If anything was certain, It was uncertainty in life;

If anything was consistent, those were the tears hidden beneath the smile;

Life was at rest and rest was infinite;

Was hoping against the hope for a spark to ignite;

Failures chased me down without a trail;

And seems to follow me at every phase of the race;

Success knocked the door of my closet;

And i was busy negotiating with my failures, instead;

I’v lost more than I have gained;

Still looking at sky and digging in for rain;

Life answered those questions which were never mine;

Blindfolded me, and eyes still in search for sunshine;

Those days taught me that achievements are defined by our wits;

When sunshine hits, it lit every bit;

Found it easy to stitch emotions with the needle of words;

But when emotions lost there motion, even a roar went unheard;

Looking towards the path ahead, while holding my past;

My best days are ahead of me, is the inner voice of my heart;

The journey so far has been challenging every day;

But in this dynamic world, never loose hope till end of the play;

Coz every beginning mark its presence with a new dawn;

and dusk is not the end, as life goes on…….

life goes on…….

life goes on……….!!

Author: Rohit Pandey

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16 thoughts on “-: Life Goes On :-

    1. Thank you for your wonderful comment Ameena. 🙂 And yeah life does goes on and on…..Tough times are part of life. But if we keep faith in ourselves then soon brighter days follow!!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, that’s so sweet of you, Nupur. Maybe coz each line is straight from my heart that’s why I manage to go straight through the heart of readers. Thank you for your wonderful comment. 🙂


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