Behind the scenes: ‘Life Goes On’

Before I begin this post, I would like to thank all those readers who liked my previous poetry titled as ‘Life Goes On’ and gave an overwhelming response through their lovely comments.

I really felt positive vibes all around and it motivated me to write another poem in continuation to ‘Life Goes On’.

I’ll soon share it with you and would dedicate it to my readers. It was you who gave me inspiration to pen it down. I thank you all from core of my heart!

Now, lets have a peek into behind the scenes of poem ‘Life Goes On’.

“And when you thought it ended; It started all over again!!”

Well, that’s how life is! Doesn’t matter how many problems you face, even if you feel that your life is a disgrace, even if your hope seems to fade away in disguise;  life never stops for you and the clock keeps on ticking without any fear, without any sigh ……..!!

There is a phase in life when you think that your existence matter a little to others. You feel left out in every walk of life. Your efforts freezes, hope diminishes and life comes to rest.

Seeing problems surfacing in their life, people put the blame on god. They curse their fate. They cry and surrender but, few fight the raging thunder.

Problems are part and parcels of life. Everybody gets tested to the height. One must remember that these difficult times are not here to stay. One day it will rain and dark clouds shall pave way for the day.

Hope is one of the forces of nature that keeps you moving. One should seldom lose hope and always stay positive. There’s nothing which can stop you in life and you have everything that it takes to put a brave fight.

Don’t run away from your problems. It’s not the solution you are looking for. Hold the rope of hope with all the strength you have to put thy life back on the track. Always remember that……

Every beginning mark it’s presence with a new dawn and dusk is not the end as life goes on……

life goes on…….

life goes on………!!

Hope you have enjoyed reading this column. Don’t miss out on the poem ‘Life Goes On’ (Click here to read), if you haven’t read it yet. Sequel to it titled as ‘Life Goes On – The Journey Continues’ shall be released tomorrow (at 18:00 IST). Hope you like it too. 🙂

Till then………..

Stay positive, Stay motivated!!

Author: Rohit Pandey

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