-: Life Goes On – The Journey Continues :-

There are times in life when we feel cheated, defeated and mistreated.

Future seems bleak and present makes us weak,

Life comes to rest and we think it’s on god’s behest;

Nothing seems to be in order and situation gets harder,

All we want, is to cry and make our agony reach the sky!

All of us face difficult times but react differently to these testing rhymes.

Few people cry and few people try,

Few change their course and few accept the recourse;

Few people face it bravely and few accept the slavery,

Few people give a sigh and few people (huh)………. DIE!!

Death is not a solution to any problem. You just leave your family and friends in grief and depression.

It’s once you live and once you die,

It’s for you to decide whether to face the situation or run in spite;

But before you make a choice keep thy god in that frame,

And ask yourself what you shall answer him when you’ll reach his terrain;

We must understand that tough times are not here to stay. One day it shall rain and clouds will make way for the day. So, all you need to do is….

Stay calm and rest in your arms,

Hold your agitation and understand the situation;

Close thy eyes and search for sunshine,

Don’t lose the belief and you’ll be at relief!!!

One should never feel shy to try; try their best until the new dawn hits the sky.

Life is a precious gift that no treasure can buy,

You have your fate tied to your hands, can’t let it go by;

There’s life, there’s death and again life switches on,

Don’t think you’ll escape it by death as life goes on……

Life goes on……..

Life goes on…………!!

Author: Rohit Pandey

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