-: Residue :-

I smiled and they cried,

When my heart shed the tears for my eyes, which lied;

I began my journey with a hope,

And it halted for a while when my heart broke:

At one moment, I felt my heart being close to my smile,

And with a wink of eye it went away far, far beyond miles;

My past was pulling me back but, I wanted to stay,

I was in dilemma, whether to hold my words or to say;

Trusting my instincts, I shelled out my feelings,

But she cried foul for my incisions which had no healing;

I caught her eyes on the verge of the merge,

When she tried to control her feelings from getting splurged;

I knew she had something else in her heart,

Coz her eyes told the tale just opposite to her heart;

A flower, before enduring its essence in the ambiance of heart,

Went down gloomiest and thorns piercing in with fierce power;

A lesson was learnt to never make someone your need,

Coz it hurts immensely, when that person leaves;

My journey is incomplete and I’m looking for the end,

And when I thought it ended, it started all over again;

But now left with the residue of pain,

I’m just hoping for happiness to come down as rain;

Coin is still in the air and it’s for me to decide,

Whether to live for happiness or live with happiness, in spite!

Author: Rohit Pandey

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