Hello World!

You have just entered the world of words! A world which is not created by boundaries!  A world which is guarded by horizon! A world where love is lived and life is loved! A world which extends to infinity! R ‘I’ P, welcomes you to the world of words!!

A poet senses words unlike any other person. He feels them, not from his eyes but through his heart. I am here to share my words. I am here to share my ‘world’ with you.

One may sense love for words in my poetries, which I’ll share with you in my subsequent blogs.

Each one has got a unique story attached to it. Or you can say, I had lend a string of my life to each one of them!!

Hope you like my poetries.

Happy reading!

Stay positive, stay motivated….

Author: Rohit Pandey

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10 thoughts on “Hello World!

    1. Well, you got it right. ‘R’ and ‘P’ are my initials. But for tagging my post with R’i’P has got one more reason behind it. After completing a poem, I sense a peaceful feeling. A sense of contention. My words sets me at peace and I wish same for my readers. Also, I wanna leave this world setting my words at peace, in an effort to return favour. Hence, I decided to tag it as R’i’P.

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